Power & Telecommunication Protective, Restorative and Structural Coatings

Call on Spectrum to Keep Power and Communications Flowing With Safe, Sound Support Structures.

Spectrum has been protecting, maintaining and restoring assets in these industries for decades, and our expertise shines most when tough jobs threaten power. Our professionally trained and experienced crews understand the need for extra caution and safety measures in power plants and the telecommunications sector.

We Get What You Need

Sound infrastructure is critical to your operations. Downtime is not an option. To keep operating your structures need to be protected.

spectrum-favicon Tanks and Trenches

spectrum-favicon Pipes

spectrum-favicon Vaults

spectrum-favicon Secondary and Primary Containment

That’s where we come in. Spectrum Contracting is the Midwest’s premiere provider of high-build protective and restoration coatings and linings to counteract the structural damage caused by all these stressors.

With 58+ years in the business, there’s almost no situation we haven’t seen or found a way to address safely, effectively, and within budget.

And when we do come across the rare situation we haven’t encountered before, we don’t hesitate—we innovate.

The Widest Array of Options

We specialize in high-build coatings and linings, the kind that require technical expertise, thorough surface preparation and careful installation.

spectrum-favicon Protective Coatings & Linings

  • Polyurethanes 
  • Polyureas – Extremely fast setting elastomers for structures with a lot of movement
  • Epoxy and Vinyl Ester Resins – For high chemical and abrasion resistance

spectrum-favicon Structural Rehabilitation

  • Epoxy injection for crack and delamination repair
  • Concrete column, beam, wall and slab rebuilding
  • Carbon fiber wraps for load bearing capabilities

spectrum-favicon Water Infiltration/Inflow Remediation

  • Moisture mitigation
  • Chemical grout
  • Surface sealing
  • Waterproofing

spectrum-favicon Concrete Restoration

  • Removal
  • Supplemental rebar installation
  • Patching
  • Grout injection

High Productivity, Minimal Downtime and Disruption.

We bring decades of expertise and experience working in the power generation and telecommunications field to our high-build coatings and linings work. What we’ve learned informs our consultative approach to problem solving for utilities applications.

You’ll appreciate our deep understanding of your core functions and common issues. We appreciate that you need us to get in, do the work right, and get out quickly.

When you call Spectrum to protect newly installed assets, or to restore and rehabilitate existing infrastructure, we arrive ready to be productive and return your assets to service as soon as possible.

Bring the best minds and steadiest hands in the Midwest to bear on your utilities infrastructure rehabilitation or protection project.

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